Online Course » Advanced Memory Care - It's Saturday Night (tips for easier bathing)

Course Description:
People with dementia have genuine, valid reasons for disliking the bathing process, and we will explore those fears and hesitations together. Then we’ll brainstorm in search of a new understanding, and uncover ways to approach the bathing process to make it a better experience. Answering the questions of when, where, and how the person has always taken a bath will help offer more familiarity during the bathing process. Lastly, the audience will receive a variety of practical tidbits that have worked for other care providers to decrease incontinence.  “I gotta go see a man about a horse.”
Course Objective:
After completing this lesson, the student will be able to:  Understand the fear people with dementia have with bathing; Explore habits of a lifetime and how to incorporate them into the bathing process; Obtain many practical solutions that will reduce the stress of bathing; Decrease incontinence by creating ways/finding clues to the bathroom and using familiar terminology.
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